Our history


Roxlor Group has been a family-run business since its acquisition by Rosanna Valla and Robert Veghte in 1997. Their combined 40 years’ experience has been the pillars for the development and longevity of this organization. Their extensive experience and expertise is built upon a successful career in the Wheaton Industries, the manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical glass and plastic packaging with an international distribution in more than 50 factories. The founders are visionary industrials driven by passion for their sector but more importantly, devoted to complete customer satisfaction in order to deliver unique products which improve everyone's daily life.


Our mission


“It is our duty and responsibility to always guarantee quality and innovation in line with our customers’ needs. We are able to develop innovative solutions thanks to our in-depth analysis of requisites, our avant-garde approach and many years’ expertise.” Ms Rosanna Valla
“Beyond our professional motives, our inner need to fulfill aspirations, ideas and projects, is what drives us to realize the impossible”. Mr Robert Veghte


Our company profile


Roxlor group entirely focuses its activity on the highly-controlled and technological production of gelatin capsules as well as the production of nutraceutical and cosmetic ingredients. This is the result of an ongoing process of research and development with the ultimate aim to anticipate and translate the needs, desires and aspirations of consumers all over the world. Our products are distributed under two distinctive subsidiaries: Roxlor, supplier of hard empty capsules and Kerat’Innov, supplier of bioavailable hydrolyzed keratin.
We aim to Innovate, patent and strengthen our international presence through the simple winning union of reactive and reliable equipments and processes, specific investments in research and development, all bound together through the direction of our experts in each their fields of work. Our practices are exported abroad with selected trusted partners in China and New Zealand whose high production capacity is used to both assist our development and mutual expansion. What we do is more than a credo, our motivations lie in delivering excellence and satisfaction which start with a rigorous selection of our raw materials, systematically controlled by our laboratory.


Our product vision


Our entire range of ingredients upholds the core philosophy of "innovation, honesty and the pursuit of excellence". We like to be the innovation trend setter and constantly on the look out for novel and high performing products which we can use to anticipate and satisfy the changing and growing needs of consumers. We achieve this successfully by integrating and developing the most sophisticated and advanced technology. Prime examples are how we proudly delivered the debut products of Aquacaps and Acticaps as well as bio capsules which included the full range of hydrolyzed keratin that eases many of the body's mechanisms and perform functions – performance unable to be produced by any other nutriments. We strive for excellence in everything we do: extracted from dignified raw material but validated by science.
Realizing the impossible is part of our duty and commitment. We work with flexibility and we are proud to procure seemingly instant solutions.


Fuel for innovation, the centre of our priority


From the very beginning of the company’s history, consumer research has been key to the pursuit of innovation. Throughout years of studies, we have managed, and still manage, to offer and develop strong value-added products thanks to always being able look towards the future. This is our promise to all our customers.
Our extensive spending on R&D is a devotion to our mission statement but also an investment in the results accreditation by patents.


Our commitment: unique quality & expertise


We are committed to delivering the highest quality and we aim for excellence in every single project we undertake. Roxlor Group’s uncompromising quality-standards ensure the best possible product. This begins with selecting the best raw materials at the most competitive prices.
Quality control is an integral part of all our quality management and production processes. By using world class technology we preserve the active ingredients through the most natural and non-toxic methods to allow better absorption by the human body.
Our products are manufactured at high-end manufacturing facilities with the latest equipment to complement our state of the art factory, which abides by the strictest international quality and safety requirements. All equipment is tested and validated before any product is manufactured, following the code of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 9001/2008. Multiple and thorough inspections are carried out during the production process to ensure complete traceability.


Our technology, our pillar of success and distinctiveness


In response to a growing demand and our company vision, we heavily invest in the continuous improvement of our machinery and science. Therefore, based on our optimized production technology and our extensive knowledge, we have the ability to respond to the latest innovation and specific requests. Among our factories in France or our production site in China, we enjoy fast response rates thanks to our capacity to double production. Our worth lies in our patented and highly technological process that we are the only one to master.


A qualified, trained and devoted team at your disposal


We are the best ambassador of our ambition, each and every employee at the Roxlor Group is rigorously selected and carefully trained in order to be an expert in their field of activity. We take special care in delivering international training to any new employee that joins us as well as applying our values in terms of hygiene, security and respect between co-workers.
At every stage of the project, our devoted team will do everything possible to realize and develop customers’ ideas by following all the guidelines and demands.


Our strength: bringing trust to a long term relationship


We have been identified and known as pioneers when it comes to developing long-term business relationships. We believe in long–term business relationships based on mutual goals, ethical business practices and the single minded pursuit of distributing extraordinary products with leading and small laboratories and their customers. Kerat’Innov has been supplying markets worldwide for many years and we provide our customers an outstanding service and a trustful partnership as we move forward in their interests:
- Customer project follow-up
- Personalized contact and reactive service
- Historical expertise and high-end technology
- Optimized pricing
- Short delivery lead-time
The constant attention we pay to our customers’ needs and expectations is at the heart of our activity, selecting us as supplier is choosing a qualitative and long running commitment for the best business expansion.


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