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Melatine ®

News - Published on 02/04/2016

Melatine®, hydrolyzed keratin rich in melanin, is a innovative ingredient which is the result of a long scientific research whose first objective was to Stimulates melanogenesis and restores natural hair color.

When hair follicles are not getting enough nutrients and minerals (or are influenced by other factors), they stop producing melanin – the pigment responsible of the hair color. As a result, hair turns progressively gray.


With a daily dosage of 650mg of Melatine® cure, great results have been recorded:

After 2 months, Melatine®:

  • Stimulates melanogenesis in order to offset the development of new gray hair which results from a cessation of melanogenesis from non-functional melanocytes
  • Gradually helps hair roots to restore natural color and therefore fight against premature of aging hair through the stimulation of the hair bulb and the melanocytes
  • Significantly darkens hair color by up to 13% after 120 days
  • Promotes healthy hair, reduces hair loss and strengthens hair by stimulating the activity and regeneration of keratinocytes.
  • Has strong antioxidant activity which protects and fights against free radicals.

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