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Melaline ®

News - Published on 02/04/2016

Melaline®, hydrolyzed keratin rich in melanin, is a innovative ingredient which is the result of a long scientific research whose first objective was to stimulate natural pigmentation and better protect the skin against solar radiation as well as supplementing the body with natural melanin.

Melaline® is extracted from nutrient-rich sheep wool which contains all the forms of natural amino acids, particularly tyrosine, cysteine and the pigment melanin which are all precursors stimulating melanogenesis. This hydrolysate is the result of an exclusive and patented extraction process which preserves a natural amino acid profile and makes these organic nutrients available as well as keeping all of their nutritional properties.

What are the benefits of Melaline® for the body?

We all have a ‘capacity to resist sun damage’ that will  eventually run out and when it does, our skin can be damaged when we are exposed to more UV rays.

  • Melaline® aids the speed of tanning throughout the treatment as well as giving the skin a natural protective barrier. The presence of the melanin pigment means that a higher amount is synthesized to the skin.
  • In addition to a better tan, the intensity provided by Melaline® will continue after the treatment because the nutrients are more bio available in the cells. Intensified tanning helps the skin to protect itself naturally more quickly, while enjoying the said beauty effects.
  • In addition, Melaline® has anti-oxidant properties, which can help fight against free radicals generated during extended sun exposure. Melaline® also provides the necessary nutrients which help make skin cells, allowing the regeneration of the epidermis faster. The effects are characterized by flexibility, a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and a smoother, more hydrated skin.

Thanks to its properties and the speed of its effect, Melaline® allows you to shorten your exposure to the sun with the same level of tanning, thus preserving our ‘capacity to resist sun damage’


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