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Roxlor, which was established in 1997 in La Ciotat, France, is a hard capsules manufacturer. Our philosophy is driven by innovation but more than ever it is driven by the determination to offer added value. This comes from our extensive expertise coupled with patented and reliable processes through careful attention of our customers’ requirements.

Since our creation, the Good Manufacturing Practices have been the foundations of our everyday work. They are respected and strictly applied as well as the ISO 9001/2008 in the realization of all our products.  Thanks to a deep understanding of our ingredients’ properties and our scientific and technological assessments we are able to constantly broaden our product line. We strive to always deal with excellence in our supply chain: from bovine or fish gelatin to Ecocert Bio (organic) capsules and carefully selected sheep wool are quality-guaranteed without risk.

The expansion and growth of Roxlor’s activity is supported by an increasing number of production units but also the expansion of our factory to anticipate any larger than expected customer orders – being able to anticipate our customers’ needs and delivering instant solutions is vital to our mantra. As of today, eight production units are dedicated to Roxlor with a capacity to produce over 7 billion capsules and offer fast responding lead-times. We are committed to quality: the whole production begins and ends in France in controlled, tracked and certified manufacturing processes. From our robust experience, every step is perfectly optimized, mastered and operated by trained and qualified employees who apply the rules and procedures diligently.


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Kerat’Innov, founded by Roxlor in 2012, is the result of a tireless commitment to the future use of keratin as well as working to the goal of developing ground-breaking novel and exclusive ingredients that contribute to the wellbeing of all individuals. We work every day towards the research of unique raw materials for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical laboratories. Our mission is to educate and communicate the benefits of keratin to all individuals and to help people care for themselves from inside.

Over time, multiple clinical studies about the keratin have nourished our savoir-faire and we are continuously developing our knowledge about these miraculous products and too offering new ingredients. Our hydrolyzed keratin has been clinically proven with ‘in vivo’ studies, this proves the high quality and health benefits of our ingredients such as their ability to prevent and treat the signs of aging.

Our fully automated factory located in La Ciotat, France is proof of the head start we have on high-end technological processes: from initial ingredient development to its exportation.

Our natural keratin-based ingredients have been proven to be organically available and thanks to its unique blend of properties are providing the most effective benefits. No side effects have been related to our keratin peptides and it is suitable with any special dietary requirements.

Kerat’Innov signature and promise is all about quality, reliability, innovation and added value. We are proud to serve an ever-increasing number of innovative and high-quality dietary and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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