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Cynatine ® TOP

News - Published on 02/05/2016

Cynatine® TOP is highly soluble and yet, even at high levels of concentration, still provides a homogeneous and stable product. Cynatine® TOP is available in an especially stable powder form which does not contain any preservatives or organic solvents.

The peptides of Cynatine® TOP consist of bio-active amino acids, preserved by a non-corrosive extraction process. They have a similar amino acid profile to that of hair and contribute to the improvement of hair well-being.

When they enter and interact with the hair fiber, they help to repair and strengthen its structure and resistance which is only possible thanks to their small molecular weight.

When working with the skin the soluble peptides of Cynatine® TOP create a film on its surface. Thanks to their capacity to trap water, the skin’s hydration ability is increased and the necessary nutrients for regeneration are provided.

No animals were used during testing in the development, manufacturing or control stages of any our products.


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